What does the star (*) mean on Free* websites?

Here’s the gist of Edify Hub’s Free* website offer:

  • The five-minute setup process creates a customized, complete starter missionary website at no charge.
  • The missionary is allowed – even encouraged – to create new content to personalize the website. There is no arbitrary limit on the number of pages, menus, blog posts, photos, etc.
  • No payment information is collected during setup.
  • Edify Hub places no forced advertising on the missionary’s website.
  • Edify Hub offers free access to the support center, containing detailed, up-to-date instructions on managing website content.
  • The website continues at no charge for as long as the missionary continues to keep it updated.
    • Under the Free* plan, websites with no updates for thirty days may be deactivated or deleted. (Advanced notice and reminders will be given before a website is deactivated.)
    • Blog posts and changes to pages, menus, or widget content are all considered “updates.”
  • Additional features are available as paid upgrades.

It’s those last two points that make the biggest difference between Edify Hub’s Free* website and a free website from a friend.

Making paid upgrades available provides a source of income to cover the costs of keeping the Free* websites running and protected from hackers. That income also provides the funds to continually improve the support center and to make future features available, streamlining missionary communication even further.

Requiring frequent updates for Free* websites does two things. First, it keeps the missionary engaged so they never forget how to manage their website. Updating monthly, they’ll always feel completely empowered to handle their website communication. Second, this requirement supports good stewardship. Edify Hub will keep paying for the Free* websites only when they’re actually providing value for someone.

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