What widgets can I put on my website?

Edify Hub offers many different kinds of widgets that can be used to provide supplementary content on the pages of your website. While most of these are available even in the free version, there are a few extra ones that are added for those who subscribe to one of our premium plans.

Here are some frequently-used widgets for missionary websites:

  • Sending Church: Displays the name, address, phone number, and pastor's name of your sending church. Also includes a link to the church website, and a church logo, if available.
  • Mission Agency: Dispays the name, address and phone number of your mission agency or mission board. Also includes a link to their website and their logo, if available.
  • Ministry Location: If Edify Hub was able to find pre-written content for your ministry location during your sign-up process, then a widget is created for your ministry location. When possible, it includes a flag of your country, and a link to the automatically-generated primary content page on your website describing your ministry location.
  • People Group: If Edify Hub was able to find pre-written content for your target people group, then a widget is created for that people group. It includes a representative photo of your people group and a link to the automatically-generated primary content page on your website describing your target people group.
  • Support Level: If you chose to include your support level on your website, then a widget is created to display your current support level. Information includes your current support level percentage, as well as a graphical progress indicator.
  • Recent Posts: This widget, often titled "Our Updates", displays links to the most recent ministry updates you have created.
  • Recent Comments: This widget, often titled "Your Comments", displays information about the most recent comments that people have added to content on your website. Each line includes the commenters name and a link to the page where they left their comment.
  • MailChimp Signup Form (Standard subscription or higher required): If you're using MailChimp to send out your prayer letters, let your supporters sign up for your list right from your website. If you have multiple lists or groups or custom MailChimp fields, you can decide whether the widget should ask the user for that information or make the decision itself.
  • Custom Text: Sometimes, there isn't an existing widget designed for the kind of supplementary content you're trying to share. When that happens, you can always add a custom text widget, and type whatever you want. For the highly-technical, the custom text widget will also interpret many forms of HTML code for special formatting.

There are also other, less common, widgets also available to be used as supplementary content for multiple pages:

  • Archives: A monthly archive of your published updates
  • Calendar: A calendar linking to updates published on each day
  • Categories: A list of the categories under which your ministry updates are published
  • Custom Menu (advanced): Create your own custom menu
  • Pages: A list of your recent updates.
  • Popular Posts (Outreach subscription or higher): If you have widely-shared articles or updates that people associate with your ministry, use this widget to display links to your most popular primary content.
  • RSS (advanced): List links to articles published from a different site.
  • Search: a search form for your site
  • Tag cloud: Lists words or short phrases that you frequently associate with your pages or ministry updates. The size of the text increases for the phrases used most often. Once very popular with bloggers, this format has fallen out of favor in recent years.
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